GamePigeon Cheat

Screenshot • upload • solve • win


  • Splitscreen this tab with Messages
  • Start and screenshot WordHunt round
  • Upload

    Press and drag SS preview into this tab


    Tap here to choose from photos

  • drop

Best on iPad

With iPad multitasking, you can open wordhunt.tech and iMessage at the same time and use the "upload sceenshot" feature to automatically scan the board.

Follow the path

Start on the green or purple letter: purple words mean higher scores! When swiping out words, don't focus on the letters. Instead, match the shape of the pattern, and practice entering words without looking.

How to play word hunt?

Search for words, and trace the path with your finger! You start with a board of letters, and can move in any direction from letter to letter, drawing a path until it forms a word. This tool not only lets you see all the possible words: it also shows you the best way to draw each one with a convenient visual interface. When playing regular word hunt, try to find common word patterns or roots, and use these word-starts to draw out all the words for each group. Additionally, work to catch all the variations in the word endings to maximize your points!

How does it work?

This game pigeon word hunt cheat uses an algorithim to solve each board by analyzing all of the possible letter combinations, and then selecting the ones that make high-scoring words so that you can always beat your friends. When you upload a screenshot, this tool detects the board and all the letters automatically so you don't need to enter anything.