GamePigeon Cheat

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  • Screenshot a Tanks round
  • Upload screenshot
  • Aim with computed settings
  • FIRE

  • drop


Yes! Pull out your IOS device and snap a screenshot of any Tanks round!

This tool automatically analyzes wind speed and tank positions to calculate the best angle + power, all on your iPhone or iPad!

(No need for 2 devices)


This is the only Tanks solver/cheat for Game Pigeon on iMessage, and as we've discovered— for good reason

Because of the variety in screen sizes of Apple devices, the Game Pigeon UI is always scaled differently

Since we scale universal projectile physics custom to each screenshot, Tanks solver is accurate to 1 degree of error

Half of uses may need a second turn to land a hit, yet this is enough to beat any "fair" player.

How to Play Tanks

Tanks is played in Game Pigeon for iMessage games, where there are two tanks on opposite sides of a castle tower. They must angle their shot and add perfect power to make it over the tower, and perfectly hit the enemy tank.

Each round, each tank has 3 lives and needs 3 hits to be taken down to win. Setting angle and power is a very important step, as you can easily over or undershoot if you're off by a single degree. You don't get to see where your shot will land, so this is very difficult.

Use your finger to set the angle by dragging the sceen. The farther you're from the tank, the more precise you'll be able to change the angle. Then, set the power, which is the hardest step.

If you don't add enough, you will hit the tower and not even go over. If you chose too much, then your angle will become inaccurate and you can easily shoot too far. This is a game of careful balance and planning, and frequently takes a couple shots to finally land a hit.

Additionally, you must watch our for the constantly changing wind speed. It can be in either direction and have a variety of speeds. This makes the game even harder for people to play, because there are many factors to consider. Shooting straight up can carry your shot far to the right if the wind is strong, for example.